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Salomon speedcross 3 is a must try shoe

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  • Salomon speedcross 3 is a must try shoe

    Salomon was born in 1947 in the French Alps, the birthplace of alpinism as well know it. Over the years this brand became synonymous with quality gear for mountain sports. You might not see everyone rocking salomon speedcross 3 damen sale out on the trail, but more than likely you will see quite a few. Salomon is a niche brand, a bit higher end, highly specified — and known for producing top quality gear.

    The salomon schuhe günstig kaufen is a worthy update to the original Sense Pro which debuted as the slightly more protective version of Salomon’s $180 S Lab Sense shoe designed by and for world class runner Kilian Jornet.The popularity of the original model was well deserved as it used Salomon’s much higher end design features and materials for about fifty dollars less.Runners that couldn’t handle Salomon’s more minimal models loved the Sense Pro with its higher stack height, drop, and extra cushioning.

    While it is easier to see the Sense Pro 2 as a built up version of Salomon’s flagship minimal shoe, the S-Lab Sense Ultra 6, it isn’t a fair comparison.The salomon speedcross 4 damen is a much more versatile animal. Consider that Salomon pro runner Gary Robbins wore this shoe exclusively during his Wonderland Trail 101 mile FKT in 2015.At the same time mid-pack runners might find the Sense Pro 2 light and responsive enough to race a local trail 10k. It is that versatile.

    Salomon claims to use a variety of proprietary EVA foams throughout the midsole, but the bottom line is that the salomon schuhe damen sale feels protective yet firm.This is a stiff midsole, and ultimately every runner has to decide what firmness of midsole works best for them. I know runners that swear by this shoe, whereas my feet start to feel beat up in less than twenty miles in this shoe on hard ground.

    The salomon schuhe herren outlet is a must try shoe for any trail runner at any distance. I know runners who can spend all day in this shoe while others love to wear it for short races.Really, the dividing line is whether or not you’re a runner who likes firm cushioning. This shoe has plenty of protection for all distances, but if you like softer, pillowy cushioning, then this shoe isn’t for you.