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    PETROCHINA says has 'guilty conscience'

    La société avait commencé par nier tout risque de pollution.

    citation :
    "les autorités locales et la société Petrochina, responsable de la catastrophe, ont nié tout risque de pollution" (Le Monde)

    Mais par la suite :
    citation :
    PetroChina says has 'guilty conscience' over toxic spill

    BEIJING (AFX) - PetroChina Co said it had a 'guilty conscience' as a result of a toxic spill in northeastern China and it vowed to work with authorities in the clean up and an investigation.

    The Hong Kong and US-listed oil company said that an explosion at a chemical plant in Jilin province released toxic chemicals into the Songhua river, creating 'great losses to life and property'.

    Petrochina said that the incident had a severe impact on society, adding it had sent water trucks to the northeast city of Harbin where the water supply had been shut off because of contamination of the water supply.

    It also said in a statement on its website that it had sent teams from the Daqing oilfield in northeast China to help drill new wells to bring water to the residents of the region.

    Nowhere in its release did PetroChina say specifically that it was legally responsible for the blast, however.

    PetroChina's state-run parent company China National Petroleum Corp (CNPC) said earlier today it has an obligation to solve the water contamination problems caused by the explosion, the Xinhua news agency reported.

    The news agency quoted Zeng Yukang, deputy general manager of CNPC, as apologizing to residents affected by the contamination and pledged to help solve the problems.

    Zhang Lijun, deputy director of the State Environmental Protection Administration, also said today that CNPC takes responsibility for the pollution, which has already affected the provinces of Jilin and Heilongjiang and has alarmed authorities in neighboring Russia.

    He cited experts as saying 100 tons of benzene and benzene derivatives were released into the river after the Nov 13 explosion.

    The statements by the companies and the environmental authorities came 11 days after the incident. Initially, officials of CNPC had denied that the Jilin Petroleum and Chemical Co plant, where the explosion occurred, had any connection to the listed PetroChina.

    Benzene is a carcinogen that can be lethal to humans, even in small doses.

    The government said yesterday that toxicity in the Songhua river had exceeded national safety levels by more than 100 times near the blast site.

    Tout cela n'empêche pas Petrochina d'être au meilleur de sa forme, avec la sortie du biseau weekly et la cassure de la résistance des -6.10-.


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      Petite consolidation pour Petrochina :

      Teste le support weekly :